REVIEW maxfactor foundation

hi beauties ❤ today I’ll review this maxfactor foundation. first i want to say that it’s tooo dark for me but when i apply it on my face then you can’t see that it… Continue reading


so here is my first Q&A ! wie ben jij?   Ik ben een meisje van 16 (bijna 17) jaar dat van bloggen, make-up (cosmetica), beauty, kleding, fashion, geurtjes, haar, school, eten, koken en DIY’s houdt. Op welke… Continue reading


hello beauties ! today is a really special day for me 🙂 I have now almost 2000 views !!! omg !! Thank you so so much I love you all <3. so I… Continue reading

tattoos that I want

hello beauties ❤ today I will show you some tattoos that I want.  i would never get a tattoo because maybe you will regret it later and it’s not accepted in some jobs.  I… Continue reading

hello beautiful people (:

today I will tell you some facts about myself (: 15 facts about me : 1. I live in the Netherlands. 2. I laugh all the time. 3. I’m addicted to my Phone. 4. I don’t… Continue reading

Beautyblender kruidvat knock off

Hello there, The next article is going to be in dutch, because I bought a knock off of the beautyblender and the store where I got it, is only in the Netherlands and… Continue reading

welkom op mijn site beauty fashion and school lovers :)

  Hi there, Welcome on my blog. This is my first blog, I started on may the third 2015. I am a girl and I’m 16 (almost 17) years old. I blog mostly about fashion,… Continue reading